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Are you frustrated with the direction that your life is taking you, knowing deep down that there is so much more life in you but not having a clue on how or where to find help?  I've seen so many amazing women stay stuck, living with these limiting thoughts and beliefs that had them feeling that it was all downhill from here.

I know where you are because I've been there---with this little voice inside me, constantly showing up when I felt it was my time to shine, telling me " you are not good enough”.  But, all that has changed now and I´m truly living an abundant, healthy and fulfilling life, free of the shackles that held me down, optimistic about what the future holds and feeling stronger than ever before and am totally passionate about helping others do the same.

What it would be like if you could put on some goggles where you were shown a totally different vision for your future that looks something like this:

  • You  begin to change your thinking and therefore change your biological age
  •  You create unbreakable joyful routines that support your now strong and flexible body
  •  Your body is at the weight you love and you maintain it eating nourishing and healthy food
  •  You feel more vibrant and alive, feeling and looking younger than you did 10 years ago
  •  You have found the road map to living an enriched life and have the tools to shift your reality.

Using powerful transformational tools, I can help you get from where you are now to being fired up with enthusiasm and discover a power within you that you never knew you had.  Because when you go within and begin to live life on your terms and learn to reshape your beliefs about what is actually possible for you (instead of buying into the current cultural programming that tells us what we can ”do or be” at a certain age), you begin to let go and blossom, step into your own power and life takes you to new heights.  And that's when the fun starts!!

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Therese is one of the most heart centered and focused transformational coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  She walks her talk and her outer beauty only reflects the magic within as she effortlessly maintains her youth and vitality. I highly recommend Therese to anyone who wants to allow the magnificence of who they really are to shine for all the world to see….and truly live life to the fullest in all the years ahead.

Judy Lynne

Purpose & Wealth Transformation, Harmonic Living Now

Therese is by far a master in her field. Her unique personality and sensitivty to her client´s situation, makes her the perfect assistant in helping people change their way of handling issues in their lives. Not only did she help me with some very concrete situations, but she also gave me some very effective tools to continue on my own.  She completely changed my life, by teaching me how to see life from a positive perspective – no matter which challenges may occur.  I can only give her my warmest reccomendations, and she will for ever remain as my life changing mentor.

Anette Lilja


“The coaching that I had with Therese was a life changing experience for me. I got empowered to introduce important changes in my life, learned how to live more and more consciously and how to influence my life the way I want to. I know it’s an ongoing process through my whole life so I am very happy that during the coaching I got equipped with simple tools that I can work with and use on a daily basis. Thanks to Therese’s coaching I am more and more conscious about the law of attraction, positive thinking and the influence it has on my life. It really helps with the many aspects of my life. Therese is a very professional, engaged and empathetic coach and also very warm and kind person. I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching.”


Yoga Teacher

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